My Personal Story

My professional path maybe viewed a bit unconventional and I attribute a lot of it to my personal story.


I grew up in Russia and moved around my entire life (my father was in the Russian Navy). I remember having to adapt to places, meet new people and find friends each and every time. To this day, it’s easy for me to make introductions, I learn my surrounds quickly and enjoy meeting people, learning about their cultures and traditions.

In my mid-twenties, I moved to the United States and re-started my career from scratch. The move was more of a happenstance rather than a goal, but now looking back – it was one of the greatest things that happened in my life. It was not easy to get a job as they call it “fresh off the boat” and I went back to school to get my MBA, which was my second Master’s degree.

MBA degree
Getting an American MBA degree definitely formalized some seven years of professional
experience and I felt that I acquired a useful tool, a certain methodology about solving problems. MBA is like a map that helps you navigate business landscape by identifying priorities and building a plan to get to the objective. The degree got me my first job and I took the course of a beautiful marriage between the data and marketing.

My mother is an artist (that’s her picture up above), a creative – what we call a Right brain, and my father, being a high-ranking officer in the military, is on the opposite side of the spectrum – Left brain. I definitely have both sides, which allows me to think both creatively and logically at the same time. As a result – figuring something out, finding solutions to complex issues or highly associative thinking are basically my second nature. I can easily deal with ambiguity and I don’t mind stepping outside my comfort zone – I’ve done it over and over as a child. New industries, processes, unstructured or unchartered territory are my playground and I create structure, make it simple for others to adopt it or cut through the clutter.